Welcome to Grain & Graze 3

Grain and Graze 3 is the third phase of a long term mixed farming program. Since Grain and Graze commenced in 2003, there has been considerable advances in the understanding of grazing crops, how to integrate livestock and cropping on farms and the management challenges and risks of operating a complex farming system.

Grain and Graze 3 aims to extend this knowledge, to enhance grower’s ability to profitably and sustainably integrate crops and livestock and operate a flexible, responsive farming business. The focus is on three areas;

  • Better grazing of cropped land, to maximise profit while minimising risk within seasons

  • Improvements to crop and pasture rotations across seasons to benefit livestock and control emerging issues with weeds, losses in organic matter, nitrogen and soil structure

  • Enhanced decision making to achieve the business and personal outcomes a farmer wants.

This website provides a significant amount of information around mixed farming, including research, reports, fact sheets, calculators, tools and case studies. It provides an archive to find information about mixed farming and decision making.

The Grain and Graze 3 program aims to achieve three practices;

  • Smarter grazing of crops and stubbles to optimise business and production risk and increase profits.

  • Better management crop and pastures (within) a rotation to improve crop and livestock production.

  • More informed decisions made by growers and advisors about the enterprise mix that best meets their needs and goals.