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Farming systems trial economics 2008

Farming systems long term comparison - ‘fuel burner’, ‘hungry sheep’, ‘reduced till’ and ‘no till’ farming systems. To compare performance of four farming systems, over the years 2003-08, using prices
appropriate for 2009. To use a machinery inventory and relevant costings compared with contract pricing for operations. 

Farming systems trial 2009

Farming systems long term comparison - ‘fuel burner’, ‘hungry sheep’, ‘reduced till’ and ‘no till’ farming systems. Results of 2009.

Farming Systems: The greatest wealth is in soil health

The farming systems trial has expressed some significant differences in soil health between each of the systems from 2000 to 2012. If these are not managed in the long-term, the sustainability of the affected systems may be reduced. 

Farmers do not want to outsource their sheep enterprise

A survey of mixed farmers showed that despite the idea of one farmer managing the sheep professionally for a number of farms - farmers still want control of their sheep enterprises.

Grain and Graze Report 2005

This report provides information on production of sheep in relation to feed supply specific for the south east Mallee region.

Whole Farm Economics - audio file

Respected economist Mike Krause from SA discusses the whole farm economic issues with mixed farming and how changing enterprise mix can change the financial returns and risk in a business.

Insights into mixed farming in Australia

Mixed farming systems are complex and require a high level of skill to run profitably. These 26 stories from mixed farms across Australia show how farmers consider different information and make decisions that affect their businesses, families and environments.