Regional and National reports

National reports

Feedbase strategies that reduce risk of feed gaps on mixed farms across Australia
Analysis combining long-term simulations of key forage sources on mixed farms across 6 locations (representing the key agro-climatic zones spanning Australia’s mixed farming regions) to examine the risk of feed gaps occurring under a range of combinations of forages contributing to the farm feedbase. At all locations examined there were benefits for potential farm productivity and risk mit...
GRDC Update 2015 - Evercrop Pasture establishment

Highlights opportunities to improve productivity through capability development in pasture management.

Livestock training scoping study

Developed at the beginning of Grain and Graze 2 for MLA to review the training needs and develop a livestock training program.

Grain and Graze 2 impact report (2013)

Final evaluationion of the Grain and Graze program. Describes the practice changes in each Grain and Graze region from the initial benchmarking study in 2010.

Grain and Graze 2 Benchmarking Report (2010)

Initial benchmarking report from Grain and Graze 2 providing useful insights into the perceptions, appropriateness, knowledge, skills, confidence and likelihood of adopting various practices in the future.