Tools and calculators

Several tools and calculators were developed to help growers and advisors make more informed decisions.

Tools and calculators

Crop assessment rulers

These simple rulers are to be used in the paddock to help estimate dry matter in a cereal crop.  There is a high rainfall version (higher plant population) and low rainfall version (lower pant population and wider row spacing).  The rulers also contains hints to assess growth stage assessment of cereal crops and feed budgeting.

Feed budget calculator

This simple Excel based calculator has been developed to assist in developing a grazing plan for winter cereals.  The calculator enables two different calculations to be made, either;

  • The number of stock to graze a paddock over a set period of time and/or

  • The number of grazing days for a paddock with a set number of animals.

Default figures are for the high rainfall region of South west Victoria only.  Users in other regions may need to adjust the assumption in the calculator.


Stubble assessment

This tool describes a simple process to assess the feed value of a stubble based on the quantity of grain and green material in a stubble.  It provides a rough benchmark for predicting weight changes in sheep grazing that stubble (NB:  this tool was only tested in the HRZ of Victoria and caution should be used if applied in other regions).