More Informed Decisions

Articles and discussion papers relating to the farm business mix and making better business decisions can be found by clicking on the links below.

More informed decisions

Practical Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Building Sucession into Strategic Planning

A practical guide on how to consider succession planning as part of a strategic plan for a farm business rather than a once off event.  Contains many valuable templates and guides.  

Alternatives to owning livestock

There are alternatives to owning livestock that could suit some businesses, and would allow these businesses to establish, expand or value add without the need for a large up-front capital outlay. Find out how in this informative and insightful report.

What is a farm advisory board?

A fact sheet outlining the purpose and reasons behind having a farm advisory board.

Farm Board Materials

Practical tips and templates on running farm advisory boards.

Setting up a farm advisory board fact sheet

A fact sheet that outlines how to establish a farm advisroy board.

Making good decisions great

Discussion tips for advisors to improve their influence with clients.

Farmer temperament and how this affects decision making and the advice given

A paper which explore how to pick the termperament type of farmers and how to tailor the advice to suit the personaility of the farmer.

Farm Decision Making

Insights from the Grain and Graze program around the interaction of personality, farm business and risk to make more informed decisions.

What is Production Risk and how can it be managed?

Tips and insights from Western Australian discussion groups on how to manage production risk.


Farmer Insights

Resource Manual examining the rainfall and soil water probabilities at locations in southern Victoria

Provides important insights into the likely effect of summer fodders or very early sowing (spring or early summer crops with strong vernaisation) on soil moisture for subsequent crops.


How risk varies with location
How risk varies with location - whole farm modelling of the risk in high, medium and low rainfall environments of WA – and how the risk profile is different The main reason cited for managing a mixed farm is to reduce the overall business risk between the two enterprises (livestock and cropping). Cropping is seen as a riskier enterprise, with the opportunities for good profits, but also b...
Muchas Gracias - What makes our grower group tick

Muchas Gracias is a small grower group based in the medium rainfall zone near Arthur River, Western Australia. The group was established in June 2013 as a pilot Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring program funded by the South West Catchments Council (SWCC), with assistance from Evergreen Farming and Paul Omodei. 


Research & Discussion Papers

Final report Farm 4 Prophet
Farm4Prophet simulates the impact of climate and market variability on crop and livestock production, uses historical prices to calculate farm income, and calculates cash flow based on the cost structure of the farm enterprise.  Cash flow simulation enables farm managers and their advisers to review the impact of current management decisions on long term financial viability. Alternative management...
Exploring adapting responses in drylands cropping systems to increase robustness to climate change

The project identified the characteristics of these eleven robust businesses, the strengths and vulnerabilities. From this study, there is no one recipe to achieve or maintain strength in terms of agricultural practices across these diverse circumstances; however there were some common business management features and personal characteristics. 

Using temperament typing to improve your approach with clients

Based on Myers Briggs Type Indicators and the work of psychologist Rod Strachan, the paper identifies and describes different temperament types of farmers that could be used for market segmentation.


Managing production risk in farming

A paper presented to the Grasslands Society of Southern Australia on appreciating production risks in farming.

How does risk affect your decision making

A paper prepared for GRDC updates about how knowing the risk profile of your business can be used to inform future decisions.


Project Reports