Grazing crops

Significant work has already been completed on grazing crops from the Grain and Graze 1 & 2 programs.   However survey results indicate only a small portion of winter crops are grazed in any year. 

The risk of loosing grain yield through winter grazing appears to be the biggest barriers to farmers grazing more crops, so the focus is understanding why grazing affects yield in some crops and in some years, how the grazing rules need to be refined to minimise this potential loss and if there are other  reasons preventing grazing.  Understanding the value of grazing to the whole farm business is also being examined.

Stubbles can also provide a useful feed source but grazing has to be balanced against changes to groundcover and how the stubble if left after stock are removed .  The stubble assessment tool created in Grain and Graze 1 for the high rainfall zone is being testing in medium and low environments.

For more information on the grazing crops work contact your local regional deliverer.